Zion Is Calling Me
Arr by Saxman
This is in Db.
Left hand = One note bass
Right Hand = right hand chords


Db/Ab-Db-F/ Zion is
F/ Ab-Db-F/ Calling me to a
Gb/Bb-Db-Gb/ Higher
Ab/ Bb-Db-Gb/ place of
Db/Ab-Db-F/ praise
Ab/ Gb-Ab-B-Eb
Gb/Gb-Bb-Db/ to stand upon the moun-
F/F-Ab-Db/ -tain
Bb/F-Ab-Bb-Db/ and to
Eb/G-Bb-Db/ magnify His
Ab/Gb-Bb-Db/ Name
Ab/ Gb-Ab-B-Eb
Gb/Gb-Bb-Db/ Tell all
F/F-Ab-Db/ people
A/F-A-Db/ every nation that He
Bb/F-Bb-Db/ reigns
Eb/Ab-Db-F/ Zion is
F/Ab-C-Eb/ calling
Bb/Ab-Db-F/ me
Ab/Gb-Bb-Db/ to higher place of
Db/F-Ab-Db/ praise

Hope this helps someone!!!

Be Blessed!!!