You Are My Daily Bread

Fred Hammond

posted by Lauragal

Key of C

Intro - F Gsus - You are, You are (repeat)

F (#4) Gsus - You are, You are

E7/G# Am7 Bb2 G C2

Oh Lord, You are, Oh Lord, You are

C2/D C2/E Bb2 Bb2/D Bb2 C2 C2/C C2/E Bb2 Bb2/D Bb2 C2 C2/D C2/E Bb2 Bb2/D

You are my Daily Bread You are my Living Well You are my Present Help

Bb2/D Bb2 C2/A Bb2 C2 C Dm7 C/E F C/E Dm7 C G/B E7(#5#9)

You are You are You are! Ev - er - y good and per - fect thing comes from You

E7/G# Am7 Am/F# Gsus G Bb2 C2 C Dm7 C/E F C/E Dm7 C G2/B

and now we bring all of our worship so thank - ful for all, all You are. Lift up a song to You in praise

E7(#5#9) Am7 Am/F# D7/F# Gsus G Dm/B E7(#5#9) F2(#4) F2 G Am7

and we will make mention of Your name There is none like You, and we will al-ways say how glo-ri- ous is
our Lord


how glo-ri-ous the Lord for-ev-er! (back to beginning).

*****the "You are" chords: Bb2 C2 Bb2 Am7(4) Bb2 C2

*****the ending "You are" chords: F2 Gsus F2 Gsus F(#4) Gsus

++++ending: E7/G# Am7 Bb2 Fmaj7/G Dm7/G C(no 3)

Hope this helps and isn't confusing


Sorry about how this came out - It does not look the way it did before I posted it (once I posted it the spaces
between the words and chords disappeared)