With Long life - Israel Houghton

Key C Minor

*you need to bounce the chords and strike the bass for this song"


With Long

C/ C-Eb-G      Life, you will satis-
Ab/ Ab-C-F    fy me.
G/ G-B-D       You will satis-
C/ G-C-Eb      fy me, with long
Ab/ G-C-Eb     li--
G/ G-B-D        ife


C/ C-Eb-G      I will
Bb/ Bb-D-F     Praise you fo-
A/  A-C-F       ever
Ab/ Ab-C-F (hit quickly)  Only you can satisfy

(repeat intro chords)

Now for the bridge where it goes chorus where it goes "You are the source of my life and hope..." use this:

* you have to really bounce these notes mainly of octaves though, so I think:

C-C/ C-C                    You are the source of my life and hope and my
C#-C#/ C#-C#            life and hope is
G#/ G#                      You-
C#/ C#                      Ou


I will live and not die
In Your presence...satisfy
(go back to intro chords)

This is after the choir does "You are the source of my life and hope, lover of my soul, my future holder, daily
sustainer, forever and ever...por siempre"

With Long life
You will satisfy me
You will satisfy me
with Long life, with long life
You will satisfy me, you will satisfy me
With Long life
(repeat intro chords)

C/ C-Eb-G     I will
Bb/ Bb-D-F    Praise you praise you fo-
A/ A-C-F       everrrrr, fo-
Gb/ Ab-C-F    everrrr, fo-
G/  C-Eb-G     everrrr

Be bless...and let me know how these sound!!