Chords & Midis for Who Would Imagine a King

by Lisa (The Keynote)

The midi that says CHORDS, I played the melody up high on the keyboard just so you would know where I
am.  Then, I played the chords, just striking them (no fill-ins or rolling notes) so you could look at it on Power
Tracks and see the keys too.  The other one that says SOLO is just me playing as a solo piano piece (not
accompaniment...that would be more like the CHORDS version, except with a little rolling and filling in.)  

Chords Midi

Solo Midi

Who Would Imagine A King

C = Chord Symbol

C\G = C chord, G bass note

(c) = Melody Note

The Intro is in C and in ¾ time.  

Gadd9\B  3 beats

Dmaj7\F# - 3 beats

Cmaj7\E  3 beats

F7\Eb  3 beats

Em  3 beats

Gmaj7\D  3 beats

C#m7(b5)  3 beats

Cm6  3 beats

Bb  3 beats

Eb\Bb  3 beats

F\Bb  3 beats

Dbmaj7-3 beats

Db7  6 beats

F\C  3 beats

Bb\C  3 beats

C6, Bb6/9, Gm7  1 beat each

Dbmaj9  3 beats

Bb\C  3 beats each

Now, I leave all of that outlol.  I just vamp F, Bb\F, F till I'm ready to start singing (I sing it in C though)

The song is in F.  So, after the introduction, the song changes to the key of F.  Notice that last Bb\Cthe "C" is
really the V chord of the key your going to which is F.  V usually leads to the I chord.  ; -)

This is how I do lead sheets or "cheat" sheets.  The chord is over the top of the words, the melody note is in
lower-case underneath the words.  

F(add9)                      Bb\F            F(add9)                     Am7

1. Mom  mies and      dad-dies        al-ways    be-            lieve   that

2. Shep -  herd  or        teach-er is     what  you  could        be        or

c          c       c          c       d    f     e    c          a                c          e   

Bb                     F\A                  Gm7                Bb\C     C#dim7

1. Their  lit- tle     an-gels  are      special  in         deed       And

2.  May be a       fisher man        out  on  the       sea          or

d        e   f        c    e     f           d     e     f          g             f-g

Dm7                        Dm7\C            Bbmaj7                    Gm7(b5)

1. You could  grow      up    to  be       an  y   thing                           but

2. May  be  a              car-pen-ter      build  ing things                     but

a      g        f             f      g    a         a      g       b                              b

F\C                       Bb\C              F              [Bbadd9    C/F]

1. Who would  i  -    magine     a    King      A   (to second verse)

2. Who would  i  -    magine     a    (to second ending *)

c      f          a        b   a         a     f

Second Ending:

F                  [Fmaj7\G    G7]     (Bridge)    Bb/C              C7

King                   It  was  so      clear    when the

f         g    g      a       g           f       g

F\C                  Abdim7/C              Bb\C                   C7

Wise men ar-       rived    and  the      an-gels   were      sing-ing   your  

a     f       d          f           e      f          g   g       g            g      f       g

Fmaj7              Fmaj7\G    G7            Bb/C                    C#dim7

Name                              that the      world  would be   Dif-ferent cause

a g# a         e     f         g             g      g    g      f           g

Dm7                 Dm7\C                       Db                                Bbm7            Bb\C

You were a -     live  that's why         hea-ven  stood still           to pro-       claim

a     f      d         f       f          g             Ab   g      f      Ab            g   f            a

3rd Verse

F(add9)                      Bb\F                    F(add9)             Am7

3. One    day    an           an - gel   said      qui  -  et   -        ly        that

c          c       c            c       d    f     e    c          a             c          e   

Bb                         F\A                          Gm7                Bb\C     C#dim7

3.  soon he  would      bring some-thing     spe-cial to      me.        And of

d        e   f                c         e     f             d     e     f        g             f     g

Dm7                Dm7\C                Bm7(5)                   Bbm6

3.  all  of  the        won-der-ful         gifts he could         bring

a    g   f           f       g      a           a      a     g              b

F\C                      A7#5        Dm7                    Eb9

3. Who would  i  -    magine      who could i  - mag  -      gine

c      f           a       b   a           c        f      a      c             Db, c, Bb

F/C                       Bb\C                      F                   

3.  who  would  I -   ma- gine  a            King

c      f          a       Bb   a     f            g-f

Eb\F            Bbadd9\F       Bbm6             Fadd9

God Bless!