Welcome Into this Place
Chorded by SisterT
Key  Eb

Eb/GBbEb        Wel-
Eb/ GBbEb        come In
/BbEbG   to
G/BbEbG   this
Eb/AbBEbF place
Eb/BbEbFG Welcome
/EbEb      in
/GG     to
/BbBb    tis
Ab/EbGBb    bro-
/CEbFAb -ken
/BbEbFG  ves
/AbBEbF  sel. You de-
G/BbFDBb -sire to a-
F/BbDFBb      -bide in the
CC/DbGBb      praises of your
F/AbCFAb people. So we
F/CEbFAb  lift our
G/GBbCEb  hands
/F and
/G we
Ab/ CEbFAb  lift
/BbEbG       our
BB/BDGF      hearts as we
FCEb/AbCFAb offer up this
BbFAb/CFAb      praise unto your
Eb/GBbEb    name.