"We Have Come Into This House"

by Craig Hayes & The United Voices on their album,"Bright Glory".

It has the same words has the traditional slow version, but this one is a lively praise and worship song. Great
song for all choirs (adult, youth/children).

Once you get a feel for the song or listen to the album, you can get feel the rhythm, and bounce and put a little
extra to it. Remember this is just the basic chords that the song uses, use this as a guide to adjust to your
style of playing. Hope this can be a blessing to someone.

We Have Come This House

(sung by Craig Hayes & The United Voices)

(as posted by Long Fingers)

(Key of Ab)

Verse 1:

*We have come into this house,

to gather in His name,

and worship Christ, our Lord.

(repeat 3x)


Worship Him,

Worship Christ.


Sopranos: Let's all join together

Altos/Tenors: Worship Him

Sopranos: and get on one accord

Altos/Tenors: Worship Christ

end with chorus

*additional words:

Let us lift up holy hands,

magnify His name

So forget about yourself,

and concentrate on Him


We: Bbm7

have: Bbm6/A

come into this: Abm7

house: Db6

to: Bbm6/G

gather in His: Abm7

name: Db6

and: F7

worship Christ our: Bbm7/Gb

Lord: B9

(repeat Verse 3 times)


(single notes played in both hands)


Worship: Gb/Eb

Him: Bm6/G#

(filler): Bdim7/A#

worship: Gbmaj.7/Eb

Christ: Dbsus/Ab


Let's all join to: (single notes in both hands) Eb-B-Eb-D-Bb

gether, worship: Gb/Eb

Him: Bm6/G#

and get on one ac: Bdim7/Eb

cord, worship: Gbmaj.7/Eb

Christ: Dbsus/Ab

(filler): play single notes with both hands


(repeat vamp)