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The Wedding Song
Jamie Fox
Key of G

single notes separated by ","

1st verse
/G, /A - When it's
G/DF#B - been
F#/EbF#AD - five
E/DGB - Years
(Eb or A in Bass)/DbF#GBb -(filler)
D/CEFA - (filler)
G/BEFG or Db/BEbFG - (filler) Can't Hold
C.../BEG, ...C/GBE - Back my
B/ADF#A - tears
D/CEFA - (filler)
G/BEFG or Db/BEbFG - (filler) 'cause I'm
C.../BEG, ...C/GBE - Just so
B/ADF#A - Hap-py
/D, E/BDG, /A, /B, /D - I'm, mar-, ry, -ing, an
AG.../EGC, /B, /G, /CEGA - An-, gel, to-, day
D/"Blues Pentatonic" Run in right hand  

2nd Verse same as first except for end (resolve to G maj)
/D, E/BDG, /A, /B, /D - And, ne-, ver, dis-, re-
AG/EGC, /G - pect, the
D/CEGA - love that we
G/ABDG - Have

B/GbBEb - (filler...
E/BDG - ...filler) I'll be honest
B/ADF# - I cannot lie
C/BEG - there w'll be real good days
B/ADF# - there w'll be some bad times...
E/BDG - (filler to Key Change to Bb)
BbAb/CEbGBb (filler)
Eb/GBbDF - I'll be standing right be
GF/GBbDF - side you my sweet lady, with the
AG/EGAC - love of my whole...(not sure what he's saying on track)
DC/EGAD - Heart (so I writing what I think he meant to say)

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Ending Chords on G
root - G/DF#B