Chorded by: Sherill

True Praise (Bishop Paul S. Morton)


4/4 time

C E G= Chord

C, E, G= play notes separately

( )= melody notes


Key of Ab

** I suggest that you listen to the CD to get the rhythm of this song**

** This my first long post, so if there are any mistakes, please feel free to

**comment or make suggestions.


Db/ Ab Db F

C/ Ab C Eb

Bb/F Ab Db

Eb/Ab Bb Db Eb

Ab/G Bb C Eb...True (Eb) (Chord below Middle C)

Ab/ Eb Ab C ..Praise (C)

Db/ Ab Db FI (play I Want To Offer as 1& 2 & 1) (Db)

C/ Ab C Eb Want (C)

Bb/F Ab Bb Db To (Bb)

Ab /Eb Ab C, C Eb Ab.. Offer (Ab Eb)

Ab/Ab C Eb Ab .True (Ab)

Ab Eb Gb/Bb Db Eb Ab.Praise (Ab above Middle C)

Ab Eb Gb/Ab C Eb.(resolve to this chord)

Db/Ab Db ENot from the Lips of me (E)

B/ Gb B D Only from the heart of me (D) (rest)

Eb/G Bb Db Eb (play quickly after rest)

Ab Eb Gb/Bb Db Eb Ab (Filler Chord)

Ab Eb Gb/Ab C Eb (resolves to IV chord)

Db/Ab Db F, . Not just (F)

C/G C E, Db/Ab Db F  some sweet

(play chords as triplet for Not just some sweet melody)

C G Bb/Bb C E GMelody (G)

E Bb/Db E Bb . Filler

F C Eb/ C Eb F Ab ..Not (Ab)

F, G, Ab A, Bb/Db E Bb, .Just some wonderful

(walk bass)

Bb/E Ab Bb DbHarmony (Bb)

Bb, C, Db, D, Eb..But

(walk bass)

Eb/Eb Ab C, C G Bb/E G Bb Eb..True (C Eb)

C/ Eb Ab C  Praise (C Bb A)

Db/ E Ab Bb C Is What ( Bb C Db)

D/ E Ab Bb C ..I Want To (C Bb Ab)

Eb/ Eb Ab C.Offer (Ab C Bb)

Db/ Ab Db F .I (F)

C/ Ab D EbWant (Eb)

Bb/ F Ab Bb Db.To ( Db)

Ab/Eb Ab C, F/ Db F Bb Offer ( C Bb)

C/C Eb Ab You (Ab)below Middle C

Eb/Bb Db Eb G.True (G)

Ab/ C Eb Ab .Praise (Ab)


Ab Eb Gb/Bb Db Eb Ab, Ab Eb Gb/Ab C Eb (Filler)

Db/Ab Db FNot for the

Eb Bb Eb/G Bb Db Eb F.Crown (F)

Eb/G Bb Db Eb That you're Giving (Eb Ab C Eb)

C/F G C .As I Try ( Ab Bb C)

C G Bb/E G Bb Eb To Run This (Eb E G Ab)

F C Eb/C Eb F Ab, Ab/ C Eb Gb .Race (Ab Gb)

Db/Ab D F ..I Want To Behold Your (Ab F F F G)

C/Ab C Eb.Face (Eb)

Eb/G Bb Db I Want To Thank You (Ab Bb C Db)

C G Bb/E G Bb C ...For Your Saving Grace (C C Bb Ab)

Bb F Ab/D F Ab Bb CBut Most Of All (Ab C Bb)

Bb F Ab/D F Ab.I Want To (Ab C Bb)

Eb Bb Eb/D F Ab Bb, Db E G Bb.Give You Praise

Eb/Db F G Bb, Eb Eb Eb/Db E G Bb (Filler)

Eb Bb Eb/Db Eb F Ab.For (Ab)

Eb/Db E G Bb..The (Bb)

Ab/Eb Ab C..Rest of my (C C C)

Ab/ Eb Ab C.Eter (C C Bb)

Ab/Db F Ab..nal (Ab)

Ab Eb Gb/C Eb Gb Ab.Life (C)

*Play this next part Stacatto (ta ta ta)

Ab Eb Gb/C Eb Gb Ab ..I Want To (Ab Bb C C C)

Db/Db F Bb/ Eb Ab C  . Give You (C C C)

Db/Db F Ab C .Hallelujah (C C C)

Db/Db F Ab C..Thank You Jesus (C C C)

Eb/Eb Ab C, Db/Db F Bb.And All The (C Bb Ab Db)

Bb/Db F Bb Glo (Bb)

Bb/E Ab Bb Dbry (Db)

**Walk these chords into Real**

Bb/ E Ab Bb Db (play quickly will lead into Real)

C/ Eb A C

Db/ E Ab Bb Db

D/ E Ab Bb Db

Eb/Eb Ab C

C G Bb/F G CReal (C)

E Bb/E G Bb EbTrue (Bb)

F C Eb/ C Eb F Ab.Geniune (Ab G Ab)

Bb/Bb Db F Ab..Praise (F)

Eb/Db Eb F Ab Is (F)

Eb/Db E G Bb ..What I Want To (F G Ab Bb)

Bb/Eb Ab C, F Ab Db ..Of (C Db Bb)

Eb/Db E G Bbfer You

Db/Ab Db F....I ( F) Eb Db C B Ab)

C/Ab C Eb..To (Eb)

Ab/Eb Ab COf (Db)

Db/ Db F Bbfer (C) (middle C)

C/C Eb AbYou (Bb) below middle C

Eb/Bb Db Eb G  ..True (G )

Ab/C Eb F AbPraise (Ab)

**Listen to CD much slower tempo

Second Time**

Eb/Db Eb F Ab For (Ab Bb)

G/ D Gb Ab B..The (B)

Ab/Eb Ab C, F/Db F Bb Rest of my ( C C C C)

Eb/C Eb Ab .Eternal ( C Bb Ab)

Ab Eb Gb/Eb Gb Ab CLife (Ab)

**Play same chords for Thank You Jesus, And All The Glory


**Play same chords..Real True Geniune X 3

**Play same chords for Is What I Want To Offer You.

Hope This Helps.

Be Bless