Thank You

(words & music by Lannie Spann McBride)

(as sung by Mississippi Children's Choir)

(as posted by Long Fingers)
(Key of Eb)

Thank you, Lord for saving me.
Thank you, Lord for keeping me.
I know You're Lord of all,
You hear my call;
we praise You, we bless You Lord.

Thank: Eb
You: B dim7/G
Lord for: Cm6
sav: Ab6/F
ing: Am7(b5)
me: B dim7/A#

Thank: Eb
You: B dim7/G
Lord: Cm7
for: Emaj.7(b5)/F#
keeping: Ab/F
me: Bb

I know: Ab/F
you're: B dim7/E
Lord: Eb
of: B dim7/G
all: Eb6/C
You: Emaj.7(b5)/F#
hear: Ab6(b5)/F
my: A min7(b5)
call we: B dim7/A#

praise You: Abm7
we bless You: B(b5)/C#
Lord: Eb

(filler): Ab/F
(filler): B dim7/E

(Just go up whole steps to modulate song)

half step: C to Db
whole step: C to D