Savior, Do Not Pass Me By - Lawrence Matthews
Savior, Do Not Pass Me By - Lawrence Matthews
Chorded by J.R.
Before I begin, the bass line is what really drives this song..
It's easy enough to pick up so in this post I will just try my best
to give you the chords..This song is
all about the timing and bass line..Here goes and please listen to
the CD while playing this...the timing is really tricking during the 2nd
part listed below..

Key of Gb
C,E,G-Single Notes

GbFb/BbDbEbGb (2x)
Cb/ADbEbGb (2x)
Ab/GbCF (2x)
Db/FCbE (2x)
GbFb/BbDbEbGb (2x)
Repeat Intro(3X)
1st Part
Gb/DbEbGbBb - Savior
F/AbEbGBb - do not
Bb/DGbBbDb - pass me by
Eb/DbEbGbBb - savior
D/CFA - "filler"
Db/CbFbAb - hear my
Gb/FbBbEbGb - humble cry
F/AbEbGBb - While on others
Bb/AbDGbBb - thou art calling
Eb/GbDbFAb - why don't you hear my humble
Eb/GDbGb - cry?__ cry__ cry__
Ab/CbDbGbBb - Do
Bb/AbDbFAb - not
Cb/BbDbGbBb - pass
Db/DbFAbDb - me
Gb/DbGbBbDb - by
Db/CbEbGbBb - "turnaround to 1st part"
2nd Part
Gb/DbFAb - Sav
Db/CbFbAb - ior
Gb/BbEbGb,Ab - "filler"
Cb/BbEbGb - Sav
F/ADbFAb - ior
F/ADbEbGb - "filler"
Bb/AbDbF - Hear
Eb/BbDbGb - my
Ab/CGbBb - hum
C/BbEbGb - ble
C/CbEbGb - cry
Db/CbEbGbBb - "filler"
Db/CFAb - "filler"
Db/CbFbAb - While
Gb/DbGbBb - on oth
Cb/BbEbGb - ers Thou art
F/AbEbGBb - call
Bb/AbDGbBb -
Eb/DbGbBb - ing
Ab/CGbCb - out
Ab/CbEbGbBb - do
Bb/DbFAb - not
Cb/BbEbGb - pass
Db/CbEbGb - me
Gb/BbDbGb - by
Repeat 2nd part twice on second time
do the 1st part once then go to 3rd part
3rd Part
Db/CbEbGbBb - Oh
Ab/CbDbGbBb - Shower down
Eb/GbBbDbF - (Leader) I need your spirit to
A/DbGbCbEb - (L) shower down
Ab/DbGbBbDb - Shower down
Eb/GbDbFAb - (L) I need the windows of
A/CbDbEbGb - (L) Heaven to
Repear about 3 times
4th Part
Ab/CbDbGbBb - Anoint me, Lord
Eb/GbBbDbF - (Leader) If you begin to praise him When the
Ab/DbGbBb - prais
/EbAbCb - es
/GbBbDb - go
Bb/DGbBbDb - up
Eb/BbDbEbGb - I know a blessing comes down, the
Repeat part 4 (3x) then go to
part 1 again then part 5
5th Part
GbFb/BbDbEbGb (2x)
Cb/ADbEbGb (2x)
Ab/GbCF (2x)
Db/FCbE (2x)
GbFb/BbDbEbGb (2x)
Gb/BbDbEbGb - Savior
Cb/ADbEbGb - Savior
Ab/GbCF -Savior
Db/FCbE - "filler"
GbFb/BbEbGb - I need a blessing don't pass me by.
Repeat as desired
Gb shout bass with Gb13
Here is the chord FbBbEbGb to go along with this bass
The reason for the ??? marks is because on the CD the song
doesn't stop there but I've broken the song into parts so
you can go anywhere from there..
Any question, comments, concern, please reply