Ribbon in the Sky
Arr by Lisa

Ribbon in the Sky is ii, iii, VI in Db...over and over again ,,,And if you're like me and Db isn't your friend, just
drop it down to C...the half step won't be too noticeable at all.

For so
Ebm7 long for this
Fm7 night I
Bbsus7 prayed, that a
Ebm7 star would guide
Fm7 you my
Bbsus7 way, to share
Ebm7 with me this
Fm7 special
Bbsus7 daytheres a
Ebm7 rib-
Gb6 in
Gdim7 the
Db/Ab sky
Ab7 for our
Cbmaj7 (Bmaj7) loo..

then start oversame chords..
Thisis not a coincidence, and far
more than a lucky chance, etc.