Revelation 19:1
arranged by Will
midi by Hammondman

Here the skeleton of the 'Hallelujah Salvation and Glory'. For the beginners who don't know me, I don't post
chords. I give you the number to make it easier for ya to transpose. Sorry you're on ya own for the melody (It
good training for your ear).


|| : : || = play section again b4 moving on

-     = quarter note. The song is in 4/4 time

Let me state that the bass note don't have to be the root. It could be the third or fifth of the chord.

Ex. Lh / Rh




Experiment to find the sound you like. ( pssssIt call being creative)

Enjoy and have fun.

This is a song that the little kids sing at my church. It's very simple song . It has the same throughout the
whole song. All you have to do is change up the rhythm.

Hallelujah Salvation and Glory

||: I - IV - | V - I - | vi - ii - | V - I - :|| (That the whole song)


| Hallelujah | Salvation and Glory | Honor and power to the | Lord our God |

| For the Lord god is Mighty, and the |Lord God is omnipotent, and the | Lord our God, He is | Wonderful |


| Hallelujah | Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah | Hallelu, He is | Wonderful |


All | praises be to the | King of kings and the | Lord our God He is | Wonderful |

** note that 'All' starts a half beat before the 1 **


Since this song is so simple, check some of Hammondman posts to see how you alter the chords.

"Revelations 19:1" words & music by Jeferry LaValley) as sung by New Jerusalem Baptist Choir)

Hallelujah, salvation and glory,
honor and power unto the Lord our God.
For the Lord our God is mighty,
yes, the Lord our God is omnipotent,
the Lord our God,He is wonderful.


All praises be to the king of kings,
for the Lord our God, He is wonderful.

Hallelujah (6x)
He is wonderful.

Hallelujah, salvation and glory,
honor and power,He is wonderful.