Now Behold The Lamb  Kirk Franklin
arr Lisa
Key = Bb
Chord Symbol = Bb
Chord Symbol\Bass (LH) = Bb\D
Melody Note ( Bb)

**Note: Kirk's Music is the only I've seen with "Bb2". What is this "2" business all about?? It's really the "9th".
Most sheet music I've seen, the chord symbol would say "Bbadd9" which would indicate a Bb triad (Bb D F)
and adding "C" for the 9th for (Bb D F C).

However, "Bb9" means a dominate chord and the Ab would be included to make "Bb D F Ab C". So, they DO
want "C" but not the Ab making it dominate. If you are counting the Bb scale:
Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

then it's clear that "C" is also the 2nd note or "2". Interesting take on that :-)


Section 1:
Bb2\D - Now Behold  (Bb, F, F)
Eb6/9  the  (F)
F2  Lamb the (F, F)
Bb2\D  Precious  (Bb, F, F)
Eb6/9  Lamb  (F)
F2  of God (F, F)
Bb2\D  Born into sin (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb6/9  that I may (F, F, F)
F  live (F)
D7\F# - a-gain (F, G)
Gm  the  (D)
Cm7  Precious Lamb (Eb, G, F)
F7sus  of God (F, F)
(Repeat that section)

Section 2:
Bb2\D  Ho-ly is (Bb, F, F)
Eb6/9  the (F)
Fsus to F  Lamb the (F, F)
Bb2\D  Precious Lamb (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb6/9  of
Fsus to F  God. Why (F, F)
Bb\D  You love me so (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb6/9  Lord I shall (F, F, F)
F  Nev- (F)
D7\F# - ver (G)
Gm7  know the (G, D)
Cm7  Precious Lamb (Eb, G, F)
F7  of God (F, F)
(Repeat that section)

Now, it is basically those same chords for the rest of the song (the same chords as in Section 2.

When the key changes from Bb to C it is as follows:

Cm7  claim You to be the (D, C, C, Bb, Bb)
Fsus to F  Lamb of God (B, G, F, G, Bb)
G ****
C2\E - Now behold  (C, G, G,)
F6/9  the (G)
Gsus to G  Lamb (G)
Etc. Everything is 1 step higher from the key of Bb.