the Clark Sisters
chorded by HighC

CG/BbDF ----I'm looking for a
FC/CEA -----miracle. I expect the im
AE/DEA -----possible.
AE/C#EA ----I feel the in-
DA/DFA -----tangible. I see the in-
GD/BbDF ----visible.
[repeat the above]

FC/BbEbG -- B/AC#EbF
Bb/DFA -----The sky
AE/CEG -----is the
GD/BbDF ----limit to
CG/BbDF ----what I can
FC/CEA -----have.
[repeat the above]

(DA/GbBbCF) --Just be-
GD/BbDF ------lieve and receive it
CG/BbDF ------God will perform it to-
FC/ACF -------day - (ay)- (ay---)
(use beginning chords of this section and repeat

As you progress, try this as an alternate for the
above section
(1st & 2nd chords from above)--Just be-
FGBbD/FAC ---------------------lieve and receive it
ECBbC#/F#A#C# -----------------God will perform it to-
EGAC/GBD ----------------------day - ay
EbF#AC/AbCEb ------------------ay---