You're the best thing
Chorded by Lisa aka The Keynote

Chord/Bass Note
(Melody Note)...the first few should get you going to work the inversions of the chords. I encourage writing the
melody notes out corresponding with the lyrics. I've given the first few, train your ear to hear the rest of the
single melody notes. Then start to work your chords for inversions, always mindful of easy (MINIMAL
MOVEMENT) transitions for fluid sounds, and keeping your melody on the top of the voicings when you're
leading (guiding) your soloist.

Key = Ab

Eb9 - I-I've had my (Db, C, Bb, C)
Abmaj9 - share (Ab) (Quick rock Ab/Db)
Adim7 - of life's
(ii)Bbm9 - ups and downs....but fate's been
(V)Eb9 - kind
Eb9/G - downs have been
(I)Abmaj9 - few
Ab9/C - I
Db - guess you could say
Eb/Db - that I've been
(iii)Cm7 - lucky
(VI)F7(#9) - Well I
(ii)Bbm9 - guess you could say, that's it's
Bb9/D - all be-
(V)Eb9 - cause of you

(ii)Bbm9 - (2 beats)
(V)Eb9 (2 beats) If any-
(I)Abmaj9 - one
(THAT WAS A ii, v, I :-)

OK...You get the for patterns as you learn this cause it happens in lots of songs
w/contemporary gospel/ballad/pop-rock/r&b

Ab/Db - could ever(quick bounce...rock back and forth to fill it up)
Abmaj9 - write my
Adim7 - life
Bbm9 - story - 4 beats
Eb9 - 4 beats
Bbm9 - for whatever, whatever
Db/Eb - rea -
Eb9 - son,
Eb9/G - there might
Abmaj9 - be (4 beats)
Ab9/C - Oooo, you'll be
Db - there, between each
Eb/Db - line of pain and
Cm7 - glory
Fm7 (???) - 2 beats
F7(#9)/A - cause (VOICING = F Eb\A C Eb F# )
Bbm9 - you're the best thing
Eb9 - that ever happened to
Abmaj9 - me

No bridge in this song, so the other verse(s) and chorus are the same.

God's Blessings!