This is my 3rd song to post....yea!!!!!!!
Here is the old song I Will Bless The Lord At All Times by Shirley Berkeley. (This was wayyyyyyy before Hez
and Joe Pace! I hope it will help a fellow beginner out there. I also hope there aren't many mistakes. Please
tactfully correct me if there are, lol!

I Will Bless The Lord At All Times

will G/ADF
bless C/CEG
the C/CEG
Lord C/CEG
at C/CEA
all B/BDG
times B/BDG
His C#/AC#G
Praise D/ACF
Shall E/GCE
Con- E/GCE
Tin- F/FAD
u- F/FAD
a- F/FAD
ly E/EGC
be C/C (both hands, 1 finger) 2nd time use A/
in D/D
my E/E
mouth D/D

my E/CEG
mouth F/CFA
filler R.H. F, G, D/ADF
in D/ADF
my G/CFA
mou- E/BDG, A
outh A/AC#E
His C#/AC#G
praise D/AF
shall E/GCE
con E/GCE
tin- F/FAD
u- F/FAD
al F/FAD
ly E/EGC
be R.H. CFA
in R.H. FAC
my R.H. FAD
mouth C/EGC

Now if this doesn't line up correctly, I do apologize. The last song I posted looked great until I hit the post
button and when I checked it, I promised it didn't look the same.
Hope it helps someone.
Blessings to ya,