I Shall Wear a Crown- by Thomas Whitfield & Company
As Arranged by Derrick (b3 Boy) Kelly
Key of Eb

This is an easy song to learn. The chord is on the right and bass on
the left. CEG=chord, C,E,G= single notes. Chord name is in
parenthesis. LH/RH

Bb, C, Eb, F (play this in both hands)- I shall wear a
Ab/BbEbG (Ebmajor)- Cro
Bb/BbDF (Bbmajor)- own
GbC/FBbD (GbM7(b5))- I shall wear a
G/FGBbCD (Gm7(add11))- Cro-
EBb/DbEGBb (Dbdim7)- own
FC/GAbCEb (AbM7)- When It's all over, when it's
DbF/BEbFAb (Abm6)- all over

Repeat same chords for second verse

I shall see his face, I shall see his face
When it's all over, when it all over

F/BEbFAb (Abm6)*
G/BbEbFG (Eb(add9))- I'm
Ab/BEbFAb (Abm6)- Going
A/BEbFAb (Abm6)- To
Bb/BbEbFG (Eb(add9))- Put On My Robe
C/EAbBbEb (EbM7(b5))**- Tell The Story
FC/GAbCEb (AbM7)- How I made it over

Repeat as Directed

B/GbBEb (Bmajor)- Soon
Bb/GbBbEb (Gbmajor)- As
Ab/GbAbBbEb (Gb(add9)- I
Bb/FBbD (Bbmajor) – Get
Eb/EbFGBb (Eb(add9))- Home

Repeat as Directed

* Is a Filler Chord
** You play GD/ABbDF (BbM7) instead to give it a different flavor.