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The Invitation
(words & music by Joeworn Martin & Romel Cummings)
(as sung by The Love Fellowship Tabernacle (LFT) Church Choir)
Intro rap:
Welcome to the court of praise.
See you standin' there in a daze,
But that's one phase of your praise,
know-what-I mean; when the Lord came in
and opened up your eyes to that sin you was in.
So take your pick, what's it gonna be;
let the Lord come in and satisfy thee.
Y'all ready to attack, y'all demons step back;
when we rhymin' and singin',
we bring to a whole 'nother level.

Verse 1:
There's a place where we ought to be,
where Jesus is the reason why we sing,
(He's the reason why we sing).
There's a place where we all can go,
where there's healing in His name for your soul.

Welcome to the service of the Lord,
Where there's happiness and joy,
and your burdens can be lifted off your shoulders.
Welcome to this house, soul can get right, yeah;
Come on with me to my Father's house.

Verse 2:
I wanna go where I am free
to clap my hands and stomp my feet
(clap my hands and stomp my feet).
So won't you join me, come along with me
(come along with me),
the Lord will bless you at this praise party.

Outro rap:
Lift your hands in the sky,
wave from side to side;
cause I'm down with LFT and we're sanctified.
Come along a journey as we sing and shout;
LFT, Pastor Walker, come into my Father's house.

Come on with me (2x)
to my Father's house.


Intro rap & verse:


Welcome to the service of the Lord, where there's happiness and: Abmaj7/Bb
joy and your burdens can be: Ebm9
lifted off your shoulders: Gb7/Ab

Welcome to this house: Fm9
soul can get: Bb7(b5 b9)
right, yeah: E7(b9)
come on with me: Ebm9
to my Father's: Ab6/Bb
house: Gb/Ab


Outro rap & Bridge: