I feel like going on

Key: Db


Arranged by Blessedone

Db/Ab Db F Ab I feel

C/Ab C Eb Ab Like

Bb/Ab Db F Ab Go

Ab/Ab C Eb Ab ing

F#/Bb Eb Db F On

Fill-in (D_Eb) Both hands

F#/F# Bb Eb F# I feel

F/Ab Db F Like

Eb/F# Bb Eb F# Go

Db/Ab Db F ing

C/Eb Ab C Eb On

Fill-in (Ab_Bb_Db_Eb_F_F#) Right hand

Ab/Ab Db F Ab Trials

F#/Ab Eb F Ab Come on

F/Ab Db F Ab Every

Eb/Bb F Ab Bb Han

Eb/Bb Eb F# Bb and

Db/Ab Db F Ab I Feel

C/Ab C Eb Ab Like

F#/F# Bb Db F Go

Ab/F# Bb C Eb ing

Db/F Ab Db On

Hey this is my first post so hope it will be a blessing to you.

Be Blessed