Hold On Change Is Coming - WOW 99!!
I think this song is by Sounds of Blackness.. correct me if I'm wrong

LH part is not chords but the bass line
C-E-G denotes a chord
.... means to play the 2nd chord with the last note of the bass line

It would be a good idea to listen to the CD while playing it's the same key
as the WOW 99 CD

1st Part
Db,F,Ab,A,Bb / Db-Eb-F-Ab....Db-F-Ab-C
Bb,Ab,Gb,F,Eb / Db-F-Ab-C....Db-F-Gb-Bb
Eb,F,Gb,G,Ab / Db-F-Gb-Bb....C-F-Gb-Bb
Ab,Bb,C,Db / C-F-Gb-Bb....Db-Eb-F-Ab

2nd Part When the
F / C-Eb-F-Ab Struggles of life
E / B-D-F-Ab They weigh you down
Eb / Bb-Db-F-Ab Just lift your head up
Ab / Eb-Ab-C Yeah....
Gb / Db-Gb-Bb Yeah....

F / C-Eb-F-Ab
E / B-D-F-Ab
Bb / Db-F-Ab-C
Eb / Db-F-Gb-Bb
Ab / C-F-Gb-Bb
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The la-da part is the same as part 1 but a little slower. I'm at work typing
this so if there are corrections let me know. But I'm pretty sure this is