Hallueh you worth to be praised in EB
Artist Judith McAllister

Key of Eb
rock the bass notes and chords with the rythm of the song

Left Hand/ Right Hand

G/ G-Bb-Eb Hall
Ab/ Ab-C-F e
Bb/ Bb-Eb-G lujah your
AB/Ab-Db-F worthy
G/ G-Bb-Eb to be
Ab/ Ab-C-F pra
Bb/ Bb-DB-G a--
C/C-Eb-Ab ais
Bb/Bb-Eb-G ed
G/G-Bb-Eb Hall
Ab/Ab-C-F e
Bb/ Bb-Eb-G lujah your
Ab/Ab-Db-F worthy
G/G-Bb-Eb to
F/F-Bb-D be
Eb/ G-Bb-Eb praised.

Chorus part

G/G-Ab-Eb I
Ab/ Ab-C-F lift
Bb/ Bb-Eb-G my hands I
Ab/ Ab-Db-F praise
Eb/G-Ab-Eb you lord.

Same chords but different words
I bow my heads I honor you lord

That's the whole song just transpose at this point