For Every Mountain Vamp (K. Karr)

This is just the vamp I was working on it Sunday I decided to post it..It'd
be good to use for slow chords or while someone is talking
This time I'm going to do something different and spell out the chord as
well as name the chord so that any new or beginning musician can start to
recognize the spelled out chord with it's actual name....
Here it is

D/ADFA {Dm}-For Every Mountain
C/ADFA {Dm/C}-you brought me over
F/ADEbG {F13}-"filler"
Bb/ADF {Bbmaj7}-for every trial
E/BbDG,EC#(2X),FD {Em7(b5)}-you've seen me
A/EGBbE {Gm6/A}-through
G/EACE {A/G}-"filler"
F#/DAD {D/F#}-for every
A/EbGC {Am7(b5)}-blessing
D/CDF#A {D7}-"filler"
G/DGBb {Gm}-halle
F/BDG {Gm/F}-lujah
F/DFA {Dm/F}-for
E/BEAb {E}-this
Ab/EB {E/G#}-I
A/C#EA {A}-give
C#/EAE {A/C#}-you
D/DFAD {Dm}-praise
Bb/DGbBbD {Bb aug} <- this chord is used to take vamp up 1/2 note