Faithful Is Our God
Hezekiah Walker

Key Bb

Bb/BbDFG     Faithful
A/ACDF         Faithful
C/GBbCEb    Faithful Is Our
F/FBbCD       Go
G/FAC           od

Gb                I'm
G/BbDFG       Reaping The
Bb/BbDFG     Harvest
B                   God
C/GBbCEb     Promise Me
Gb                Take
G/BbDFG       Back What The
Bb/BbDFG     De
B                   vil
C/GBbCEb     Stole From Me

F                   And
Gb                 I
G/BbDFG        Rejoice
Bb                  To
C/GBbCEb      Day
F/BbDF           I Shall
A/CFGA           Recover It
Bb/DFGBb       All   



B/BEbGb               Holy
Bb/BbDbGb           Holy
Db/AbDE               Holy Is Our
Gb/BEbGb             Go
Bb/BbDbGb           od

F                           I'm
Ab/BEbGbAb         Reaping The
B/BEbGbAb           Harvest
C                          God
Db/AbBDbE           Promise Me

F                           Take
Ab/BEbGbAb         Back What The
B/BEbGbAb           De
C                          vil
Db/AbBDbE           Stole From Me

Gb                        And
G                          I
Ab/BEbDbE           Rejoice
B                           To
Db                         Day
Gb/BEbGb             I Shall
Bb/DbGbAbBb       Recover It
B/EbGbAbB           All

As you see this song modulate ending up in the key of Db. Just transpose by walking everything up oner half