"Created To Worship" by: William Murphy
Key Eb  LH/RH

Part 1:

I was cre-
Eb / Bb-Eb-G ated just to give
Eb / C-Eb-Ab You all the glo-
Eb / Bb-D-F ry,
Eb / C-Eb-Ab
I was cre-
Eb / Bb-Eb-G ated just to wor-
Eb / C-Eb-Ab ship and a-
Bb / Ab-C-Eb-G dore   *hit
Bb / Ab-C-Eb-G thee,
Eb-Db / G-C-E
G / F-Bb-Eb are the Son
Ab / Eb-Ab-C of the
/ F-Bb-D liv-
/ Bb-D-F ing God,
G / G-Bb-Eb
/ C, Bb, Ab, G
D / C-F-Ab saviour of
G / Ab-B-D-F the world,
C / G-Bb-Eb

Part 2:

I was cre-
F / C-Eb-F-Ab ated just to give
Bb / Ab-Bb-C-Eb You all the
D / Bb-D-F glo-   *hit
Eb / Bb-Eb-G ry,
G / G I  *repeat from here
Bb / Bb said
Eb / Eb I
D / D know
Bb / Bb why
G / G I'm
F / Ab-B-D-F here, I
Eb / Bb-Eb-G was cre-
Db / C-Eb-F-Ab ated just to wor-
Bb / Ab-Bb-C-Eb ship and a-
D / Bb-D-F dore   *hit
Eb / Bb-Eb-G thee.
(3rd time around, repeat)

Part 3:

Bb / G-Bb-Eb So
Ab / Ab-C-F I will
G / Bb-Eb-G lift my hands,
/ Eb spread
/ D Your
Ab / Eb-Ab-C praise a-
Bb / F-Bb-D cross the
Eb / G-Bb-Eb land,
Bb / and
Ab / I will
G / Bb-Eb-G lift my voice,
/ Eb I've
/ D been
Ab / Eb-Ab-C chosen
Bb / F-Bb-D to re-
Eb / G-Bb-Eb joice.
Eb / F-G-Bb-Eb   *hit
(back to Part 2)

Part 4:

/ Eb, F
Ab / C-Eb-G
F / G-Ab-Bb-Eb
G / F-G-Bb-b
(repeat over and over as he gives his testimony)

Once he is done giving his testimony, go back to Part 2 and end.