Kim Ballestero

A friend gave me the chords to this song, and I thought I would share it with you all. God bless you!
apostolic_lady05 a.k.a. Leola

C-D-E-G (single notes)
Ama F/C-E-G
zing F /C-F-A
Ama D/C-E-G
zing D/D-F-A
I can't be G/F-G-Bb-D (use single notes E-F on can't be)
lieve what you've A/F-A-C-F (use single notes E-F on what you've)
done Bb/Bb-D-F
for me C/Bb-D-G
Ama F/C-E-G
zing F/C-F-A
Ama D/C-E-G
zing D/D-F-A
Your G/Bb-D
love A/C-E
A- Bb/D-F
mazes C/Bb-D-A
me F/F-G-A-C-F
C/F-Bb-D (filler)

optional ending
Your G/D-G-Bb
Love A/C-F-A
A Bb/Bb-D-G
maz C/D-F-A
es D/Bb-D-G
me F/F-G-A-C-F