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    Plan Your Choir Rehearsal
    by Roline Acox Thomas

    God is a God of order. Everything we do, we do, for his glory. His Word tells calls us to excellence, “Let all
    things be done decently and in order” (I Corninthians 14:40). Why is it then, during our choir rehearsals, things
    seem o-----o-----o…....Out----Of----Order!  

    Have you ever left a rehearsal feeling you made no accomplishments? Has there been no order, direction, or
    plan?  Choir rehearsals should be planned.

    Haphazard rehearsals produce a haphazard ministry. It is important for you to plan on paper. Many of us fool
    ourselves into believing that we will remember every detail of what we need to accomplish. It is very important
    that we get into the practice of writing down what we plan to accomplish. There is nothing wrong with having a
    plan…..there is nothing right about wasting time.

    I usually plan for a maximum of 90 minutes. My rehearsal begin after Wednesday Bible Study at 8:15 pm.  We
    do not get out until 9:45 p.m. We must be considerate that others with families and jobs are volunteering their

    Here is an outline of my rehearsal plans. Minutes are approximate.

    1. Worship (prayer and praise, 5 minutes {or as directed by the Holy Spirit}) - Prayers of praise &
    thanks to God, as well as prayers for the request of choir members.

    2. Business (5 minutes) - Choir president presides. More time is allowed if we are preparing for a
    special event. Because we meet each week, there is usually not much new business to discuss.

    3. Devotional Thought (5 minutes)  - A brief, prepared devotion, or humorous story related to music
    ministry -or- testimony from a choir member. Also, If I plan to do a lyric study of new music, we may skip
    the devotional thought. Devotions should be preassigned to choir members or the choir's chaplain can
    be responsible.

    4. Evaluate the last worship service (5 minutes) - This is optional, and not done during each meeting.
    We evaluate at least once a month. Honest evaluation of the ministry as a whole is expected. We do not
    single out individuals. No "put downs" or hidden agendas.

    5. Vocal Warm-up (10 minutes) - A brief but thorough warm-up is needed to get a choir’s sound

    6. Rehearse Selections  ( 30-45 minutes) - Musicians & directors should be familiar with the songs
    before rehearsal time. Time is wasted when one has to figure out lyrics, chords and/or choir parts
    during the rehearsal.

    7. Final Run (15 minutes) - Sing through song list without stopping. This helps a choir and musician to
    learn how to “cover up” mistakes during the worship.
Plan Your Choir Rehearsal