August 6-7, 2010 - Pajama Praise , Waxahachie, TX hosted by Women Empowering Women (WEW) Ministries of Dallas, TX

July 17, 2010 - Making Love Last Marriage Conference, hosted by Pastors Kevin & Linda Willis, New life In Christ Fellowship Church, Olive
Branch, MS.

Nov. 15, 2009 - Discipleship Division Appreciation & Fellowship - St. Mark BC, Little Rock, AR

August 8, 2009 - Prison Ministry Training Workshop - St. Mark, BC, Little Rock, AR

January 16-17 - Leadership Conference - New Life in Christ Fellowship Church, Southaven, Miss., Kevin & Linda Willis, Pastors

March 14-26, 2007- Foreign Mission / Marriage Ministry - Nairobi, Kenya - served as keynote speakers and conducted marriage seminars
over a 3 day period for the Ridgeways Baptist Church Couples Convention, under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Elijah Wanje. Earnest
preached one of the Sunday Worship Service at Ridgeways, Visited area schools and hospital.
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