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Determined and Inspired to Exercise Together
Some of us are carrying excessive baggage. Physically and emotionally DIVAS have need to lay aside
the weight---the very thing that.s holding us back. It's time to shed some pounds!

Through our D.I.E.T. Healing project, each person has set personal goals for herself. Over
indulgence is a symptom of an internal problem. Over time,  a Diva will discover more about herrself
and come face to face with the very thing that has been causing her to feel weighty.

If you would like to take this journey with us, please let us know  by responding to the thread labeled
"Dieting DIVAS".

Here is our on going plan:
Corporate Prayer for the Week  will be posted each Monday by DivaBear.

Corporate Weekly Fast - Mondays 6 am to 6 pm

DIVAS D.I.E.T. Journey: Each day,  journal your thoughts in a specially created forum. The following
should be noted:
    What you ate all day (be honest)
    What kind of day you had - you can see if there is a pattern to what you eat, how much you eat,
    and why you eat.
    Any other revealing thoughts that you wish to share.

Before getting started, you must :
State your goal ---Is it modified eating habits? If you would plan to lose weight, How much would you
like to lose over what period of time?

State your purpose – Why do you want to participate the DIVAS Why do you feel it is necessary to lose
this weight?

Remember this is not solely about weight loss, but about maintaining healthier eating habits.
If anyone can think of anything else feel free to share.  

Join us in the
forum today as we DIET together.
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