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Purpose & History
DIVAS Purpose
The DIVAS Ministry is designed to minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of total woman,
age 21 years and older.  We purpose to communicate to every woman her status as an image-
bearer of God, affirming her dignity, worth and giftedness, and inviting her to cultivate a personal
relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

    For the Single DIVAS – we affirm adults who are single by choice or by circumstance
    (divorce, widowed, etc.) as whole, worthwhile persons.

    For the Engaged DIVAS – We prepare woman for a life-long, God-honoring marriage.

    For the Married DIVAS - We help married women in every stage of relational development
    to create a God-honoring marriage that thrives on commitment, intimacy and growth.

DIVAS History
What is DIVAS?  Divine - Inspiring - Virtuous - Anointed – Sistas. DIVAS is a Women’s Ministry of
Earnest & Roline Ministries. The word
“diva” has often carried a negative connotation. A diva is a
woman (sista), who aspires to be all that she can be—all to the glory of God. DIVAS is a
“sista to
ministry where women minister to one another through online guided discussions,
newsletters, chat sessions, live seminars & workshops.

The DIVAS Ministry was formed on May 8, 2006, by Roline Thomas, DIVAS Ministry Director, with
an internet forum that provided Christian women a place to share, laugh, and encourage each
other. Initially the ministry was set up to be a temporary online Marriage Seminar for a group of 25
women. Within the first seven days, many confessions and breakthroughs were made that went
beyond marriage ministry. It was then that the ministry reorganized to include ministering to the
Total Woman.

In June 2006, a DIVAS General Coordinator was added to assist with the overall ministry of DIVAS.
A Prayer Intercessor Team of 7 women was formed in July 2006. The ministry began growing and
by the end of the year 2006, membership had rose to 62 women.

At the beginning of January 2007, two more leaders were added. First and General Relations
Coordinator, and a Newsletter Assistant. The newsletter was named by the assistant coordinator,
Vanessa Miller, “DIVAS CONNECTION”. Also, Plans are being made for a 2008 DIVAS Ministry

DIVAS Ministry continues to expand reaching women across the globe with members in the USA,
United Kingdom and Africa.
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Ministering to the TOTAL woman
Giving practical help for women to be all she can be to the Glory of God.
Divinely - Inspired - Virtuous - Anointed – Sistas