By Earnest and Roline Thomas

My husband had an uncle that lived at his mother’s house many years ago.  At first he did not own an auto but later God blessed him to
purchase a new 1976 Ford Pinto.  Although the looked good on the outside it had internal problems with the engine and transmission.  A
lot of marriages are like that Ford Pinto─ they look good on the outside but are not working on the inside.

One of the greatest issues that cause marriages to not work is that of submission. Some husbands erroneously believe the word
submission is synonymous with the word control. Some wives believe in order to be submissive she has to give up her voice and

Let’s look at what God’s word says about submission:
    Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and
    He is the Savior of the body. Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in
    everything - Ephesians 5:22-24 (NKJV)

The MEANING of Submission
One reason wives do not like this word is because we have messed up its real meaning. Submission does not mean to obey.  In
Ephesians 6, the Bible commands children to obey their parents and slaves to obey their masters, however, in Ephesians 5:22 wives
are commanded to love, not obey.

Submission means “to place under another one’s authority”.  It is used as a military term that means to fall into place or line-up. In the U.
S. Army a bugle player will wake the troops early in the morning.  When the troops heard the sound of the bugle they would hurriedly get
dressed and get into formation (fall in line).  This text is Paul’s bugle call for marriages to line up. Submission does not mean
substandard or inferior.  Submission has to do with divine order and organization.

The METHOD of Submission
Wives are to submit like the church submits to Christ. Submission is voluntary.  The church willingly submits to Christ.  We submit
because of the─
    • LEARNING the Word - The more we get to know better, the more we should want to do better.
    • LOVING of Christ - There are some things we should do just because we love Christ.
    • LEADING of the Holy Spirit

When Earnest and I were first married we faced a crossroad─ should we stay in Baton Rouge or move to Dallas. I was totally against
moving and stated my valid argument.  Earnest felt that God was calling us to Dallas.  I submitted to my husband’s authority and we
moved to Dallas.  It was in Dallas that God blessed our marriage and ministry to flourish. Dallas is where our daughters were born and
where we made lifelong friends. Dallas was also where Earnest accepted his call to preach, pastored his first church.

Should a wife submit if her husband is not saved? This is why it’s important for you to equally yoked with the right man. Paul specifically
commands the wife to submit to HER OWN husband. There are no exemptions to the command. The Bible doesn't say to:
    Submit to your own husband who is saved
    Submit to your own husband who make good decisions
    Submit to your own husband who isn't lazy
    Submit to your own husband who is living right
    Submit to your own husband who is faithful to you

In other words, as long as the husband is not asking you to sin, the wife must submit. If the husband makes bad decisions and wrong
choices, God will deal with him. But remember, if we as wives "buck the system" and do things our way because we feel we are right,
then we have stepped out of the will of God. We are telling God I don't trust your design for a marriage and I don't believe in my husband
nor do I believe you God, can make this bad decision that my husband is making work together for our good.
Submission has nothing to
do with values but everything to do with order.

God ordained the institute of marriage for a man and woman. God has designed the family. In His wisdom, he appointed the man to
serve as leader of the family. God has set man to be head. Women are to submit. That doesn't mean that the wife is inferior, however,
when the two cannot come to an agreement, someone has to make a final decision---God chose the man to have that job.

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