I Thought I Destroyed Those Sex Tapes!
By Roline Thomas

    Testimony of an ex-fornicator:
    I’m a very happily married woman. My husband is the best thing on this earth that has happened to me---physically, emotionally
    & sexually!

    Regrettably, my husband was not my first sex partner. There have been a few others. Although I am very satisfied with my
    husband, something triggers my memory about a past relationship. Something in certain songs, a restaurant, a movie, etc.,
    would bring back vivid images, sex tapes, of my own sinful encounters. Consistently, I’ve prayed for those memories to cease to

Sex is a spiritual matter. It is an expression of worship. Our spirit connects with whomever we willfully have sex with. In the scriptures, it
"The two shall become one".... man and woman become one through sexual encounters.

Imagine gluing yellow and green construction papers together, and then trying to separate them. Parts of the yellow paper will remain
on the green paper and parts of the green paper will remain on the yellow paper. The same thing happens when you have sex with
someone....a part of that individual remains with you, because two united, and then ripped apart from the union. You can't make a clean
break from someone you united with sexually---spirits connect.

So the question becomes,
how many men are a part of me? How many men/women are a part of you?

There is good news....God is faithful and just to forgive us and to CLEANSE us of all unrighteousness. Have you ever asked God to
forgive you for those severed unions? Have you forgiven yourself?

Jesus' blood has covered every believer's sin and washed us white as snow. We were once again made pure.

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