Looking Good To and For Your Man!
By Roline Thomas

It’s not a  secret…… this DIVA loves to “dress”.  Several men, single and married, have not only complimented me, but my husband as well, on how well I
keep my appearance. This tells me that attractiveness is important to men---if they are complimenting other women, they would most likely love seeing
their wives with an attractive look. Attractiveness is what you do with what you got. A man with an attractive spouse feels good whenever he looks at his
well kept wife.

A man longs for a woman who is possessed of an inner and outer beauty. A woman who is beautiful to her husband will cultivate a Christ-like spirit in her
inner self (1 Peter 3:1-5). She understands that being beautiful on the inside will make her more attractive on the outside.

Shouldn’t he accept me for better or worse----regardless of how I look?
To the men, we asked the question during a marriage seminar, “What attracted you to your wife when you first met?” The following were a few of the
    Her legs
    Her butt
    Her beauty
    Her hair
    Her smile
WHAT! Men aren’t attracted to my mind?! Most men cannot see your mind. On first site they do not know if your I.Q. matches Einstein’s or that of your shoe
size. Men are visual—what they notice first in a woman is physical. Even Adam, in the Garden of Eden, when God presented Eve became attracted to her
physical appearance. Genesis says 2:22-23 says:
    And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. (23)And Adam said, This is now bone of
    my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

Note, Adam did not say, “Wow, this is one intelligent and/or humorous woman.” Instead, he looks at her and speaks of her physical attributes; “bone of
my bone”, “flesh of my flesh”. DIVAS, it’s in the BOOK- the first man took a good look at Eve’s outer appearance and liked what he saw. Don’t get bent out
of shape over the idea that men are not first attracted to your mind.

When you first met your spouse, most likely, you did not look as though you had been sleeping all night in a bus station. During the dating process, you
took time and made yourself presentable for him---your hair, clothes, and face had to be just right. If it looked like you had gained 2 pounds, you’d
immediately begin a regimen of exercising and dieting to get your figure trimmed. Your husband does not want you to discontinue “preparing” yourself

Dress for YOUR MAN!
Women dress to impress people who they don’t like and/or who don’t like them. Funny, but true, most women dress for other women. On the contrary,
dressing and keeping yourself attractive for YOUR husband should be your motivation.
It can be burdensome to feel compelled to dress up at home, to look nice when you want to lie around the house. But are church folk more important than
our marriage? Does your co-worker’s opinion carry more weight?

He’ll appreciate it if we have changed the shirt with the holes and stains before he arrives home. Staying out of pajamas until it's actually bedtime would
be a plus too! I tell this story to ladies who need help with becoming more attractive:

    My husband and I were at a casual dinner church outing for his volunteers. I wore pants, shirt, blazer, heeled shoes, & accessories----I was my
    usual “casually dressed”.  A lady with the group told me “Sister Thomas, you could dress down sometimes.” I smiled at the lady, for I knew she did
    not understand two things about me; 1) I was comfortable with what wore 2) I wasn’t dressing for her.

    Marriage is to emulate the relationship Christ has for the church. Christ is the Bridegroom and the church is His bride. Because Christ died for us,
    we have been adopted by God ---thusly, we take on, or wear His name. Because we wear His name we are to represent Him in our living. The way
    I live my life showcases to the world the love of God within me and how much God has blessed me.

    In my marriage, when I became a wife I took on, or began wearing my husband’s name. Because I wear the “Thomas” name, I am representing
    and showcasing the love of Earnest that is within me and how much of a blessing he is to me. I am wearing my husband’s name, therefore, I wear
    it with pride and honor----I represent!-----inwardly (the way my husband make me feel and my heart to please him) is being reflected outwardly (in
    my appearance).

Being a suitable wife is never to cease being attractive for your husband. Don’t try to look like a beauty queen, a preacher’s wife, or a Halle Berry…..Just
make efforts to look the way your husband likes for you to look.
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