How Will You Act After the Storm?
By Pastor Earnest Thomas

The images of Hurricane Katrina are still fresh in our minds. The effects of this devastating storm brought out the best of humanity – heroic
feats, sacrifice and resilience. But it also brought out the worst of humanity – greed, selfishness, rape and even murder. The question is ---
How will you act after the storm?

I don’t mean a natural storm such as a hurricane or tornado, but a spiritual storm that blows at your faith in God. Job faced such a storm in
his life. The Bible says in Job 1:19 that a great wind came and caused the death of his children.

The following verse states that Job,
“…fell to the ground and worshipped.” After Job lost property, position, and the people he loved the
most he was still able to worship God. Why? Because Job looked at what was left instead of what was lost. Despite the storm, Job still had
his faith in God.

When it comes to storms, there are three things we must remember:

    1. The CERTAINTY of storms – No matter who you are or where you live, there will be storms. Life is filled with many types of storms
    such as divorce, unemployment, ill health or the death of loved ones. We are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or going into
    a storm.

    2. The CAUSES of storms – Every storm has a purpose. God allows storms to come into our lives to correct the direction of the
    believer’s life; challenge spiritual growth or command the believer to give glory to God. Remember, if a storm is allowed by God it
    must also be controlled by God.

    3. The CASUALTY of storms – There will be loss when storms come. It can be a loss of property, position or people but there will
    be some type of loss. Just like the wind blows away the chaff from the wheat, God uses storms to blow away some things in our life.

Job was able to worship God after his storm because of what was on the inside – his faith in God. The next time a storm comes into your
life don’t look around at what was lost but look inward to the presence of an Almighty God. Then you will be able to worship after the storm.
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